Order in the Festool OF1010 Systainer

I’ve seen that most Festool OF1010 owners store the OF1010 accessories as intended in the Systainer. Unfortunately I find the storing of the metal rods for the guide rail adapter a bit stupid. I use these rods together with the adapter quite a lot and don’t want to remove the edge guide every time I just want the rods. The solution to the problem is easy: just put the rods in the front of the Systainer. There they will be held in place by the plastic protrusion in the inlay. It is quite handy to store the 19mm wrench there too!

Storing of the rods The whole shebang

One may wonder why I use the guide rail adapter that much? It is because I often just attach the adapter to the router when using ball bearing bits on edges. It will then act as a good handle to keep the router from tilting over the edge.

Posted by on March 18, 2011

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