Below you will find in-depth articles describing various woodworking projects.

This section contains the following pages:
  • Improve Dust Collection on Bosch Contractor’s Saw
  • Finally I came to a point where I got fed up with the dust collection abilities on my Bosch GTS10 contractors saw. This article describes how I built a new custom base for the saw to improve the dust collection. The information should be applicable for the Bosch 4000/4100 saws too.

  • The Micro Workshop, part 1
  • Like most woodworkers, I think that my workshop would be a better place it had some more space. But it doesn't. This is the story of how I ended up with a tiny workshop and how the small space is remodeled so it still can be used as a woodworking shop.

  • Upgrading the blade tension spring on the Hammer N4400 Bandsaw
  • The Hammer N4400 bandsaw is specified to accept blades up to 20 mm (3/4"). Since there are very nice blades available in blade widths no less than 25 mm (1"), it is tempting to fit a wider blade than specified. It is possible, but may require som tinkering with the saw. This article describes how my N4400 was upgraded to accept wider blades. Just remember that modifying any machinery may void the manufacturer's warranty.

  • The Micro Workshop, part 2
  • Table Saw Blade Guard
  • A description of my DIY table saw blade guard inspired by designs shown in Shop Notes #92.

Posted by on September 28, 2010