Terco CNC Mill Demo

Last year I bought a used CNC milling machine. The machine is a CNC45 manufactured by the Swedish company Terco in the middle of the eighties. The machine was intended to be used at schools to teach students how to operate CNC machines.

The previous owner had scrapped the original electronics and done a quick, but fully functional, conversion to run it off an ordinary PC. I have since it got into my hands, spent some time improving the conversion. Still a lot of things remain but I can now at least use it to do some milling to practice CAD and CAM.

The rigidity of the machine should allow milling of at least aluminum. Steel should also be possible but there are a few things speaking against it. I have so far stuck to aluminum, plastics and wood(!).

I’m pretty sure there will be more opportunities to write about my milling adventures. Until then, enjoy some milling in this video.

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I have always been interested in woodworking but when me and my wife finally bought a house I got room for a workshop. Still most of the workshop time is spent on projects for my house.
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